Custom Solid Hardwood Shutters

Product Features:

Hardwood Material


We exclusively use hardwood materials in the construction of our shutters. This ensures there is no resin in the wood that would cause pitch to bleed, or acid to flow through the painted finish.


Dovetail Construction


Every shutter panel we build is assembled with a true dove-tail (flaring tenon and mortise) which it fits tightly making an interlocking joint between the head-rail and stile that resists pulling apart. This feature gives each panel lock-tight durability. This type of construction allows us to manufacture panels up to 36” wide without requiring the use of special stile sizes. Most companies use wood screws and dowels for this connection of which our dove-tail system is far superior to.


Tension Screw System


The addition of a tension screw system in every shutter panel assures that whether the shutter is brand new or decades old, it will never become too tight or too loose to operate properly. By the slight turn of a screw inside the stile, the louver tension is either increased or decreased. This type of engineering allows our shutters to be shipped all over the world and remain problem free for decades to come. We can also build with no tension screw, utilizing tension pins, at no additional charge.




We use extra-long heavy gauge staples in the louvers and tilt-rod to insure that they do not pull out. Each staple is coated with heat-frictionized glue that is activated when the staple is injected into the wood. This assures that the staples will hold for the life of the shutter panel.


Rabbeted Panels


All panel connections are rabbeted to prevent light leaking where panels meet. This means that in a two-panel opening, the center stiles are designed so that they overlap each other to create a light barrier.


Paint Grade Finishes


Our paint grade finished shutters are assembled from pre-primed components. This gives us the ability to cut the time in assembly down as well as achieve a superior finish. The primer consists of four applications of a calcium carbonate undercoat that is applied in a heavy, flow-coat process. This extremely thick primer base on the wood allows the finishing process to be faster. When the final topcoat of paint is applied, the thick primer base produces a mirror-like finish.


Stain Grade Finishes


Our stain grade finished shutters are built with components that are sanded smooth when milled and re-sanded when the components are cut for assembly. After the stain has been applied and dried, we apply a sealer coat and then proof sand the panel with extra fine sandpaper. A final clear topcoat finish is then applied creating an exceptional, fine-furniture finish to the panel.


Mouldings & Framing


As it should be with any custom product, we offer the largest variety of hanging strips on the market today. From a traditional single-beaded hanging strip to a bullnose or colonial look, we provide you with the choices to truly customize each shutter application.


Specialty Shapes


All specialty shapes are manufactured on site at the factory. We maintain full control over quality, thus assuring that your special windows will be manufactured to perfection. No shape is too difficult to fabricate, which enhances the option of selecting shutters for today’s advanced architectural designs.


French Door Applications


French Doors require a unique and custom treatment, making shutters the ideal application choice. With shutters, you can cover the entire glass area and create a cut-out in the actual shutter panel for the French Door handle. A French Door with a shutter application creates absolute privacy and light control. Additionally, it does not require the removal or replacement of the unique door handle.

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